About Us

There is a tiny little story attached to our forming, want to hear it? Here you go

It all started when 3 IIM friends decided that they wanted to play sports but have no companion to form a team, nor a ground around that was free nor what they could choose to suit their convenience, also this bought them to a thought during a small game that there seems to be no valid record on what any sports lover’s success stories are nor any record about his talent.

‘This can be no issue to stop any sportsman’ said a friend and thus the point that can be a big reason for sportszo, came into introduction – ‘Digitalisation for Sports WORLD’

Heyy from the other side, we welcome you to Sportszo a platform you could book and join your favourable academies get yourself a trainer or call our self a champion trainer.

We have come intending to revolutionize the sports WORLD

Hop in and get the biggest sports digital field which should be the reason how you can call yourself a champion for we are supported through the winner concept humbly – Made in INDIA


This is what our team member family inherits in them to call us a Happy Family


We believe every aspect should be in respect


The scale is always high since even scoring less are accepted and to learn and do better is what we appreciate


The kind in people who you would have food and chill during Sundays

That’s who we are Friends

Say no to Hitter

No commanding, No demanding over any idea

It’s all happy approach


Pranking and pulling legs is all accepted when we Play


We eat together Greet Together and love more right side Forever

Member Family

We believe all our team together are the sporty member right Family who love each other


We are the family who stays together for always


To reach all the playgrounds and digitally be the largest leaders in the sports zone in our WORLD

For we successfully are supported through – Made In INDIA


To encapsulate the digital part and revolutionize what the sports is as a field and support the concept humbly Made In INDIA


When everything you look for is connected into your phone why not your successful steps towards your sports dream in Your mobile as well as Your sports record in your Phones

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